Friday, February 01, 2008

Bread of Heaven

I shall mostly be watching rugby for the next few weekends as the 6 nations is once again upon us.

If the weeks past indiscretions can be overlooked I plan to be in the pub for most of the afternoon.

I've got 20 quid on Wales to win by 11-15 at 25/1.

Show me the money !

A fool and his money, etc, etc.


Brennig said...

Luck to you and the boyos. I shall be in Dublin for the weekend (8am flight from BHX) on a surprise romantic wedding anniversary trip.

Re the money, I'll keep mine (though those are fair odds for an 11-15 win). I might have a Guinness or two with it.

Gumpher said...

Romantic trip on the first weekend of the 6 nations ?

That is seriously unselfish behaviour.

Hope you managed to slope off for the 2nd half.

4 points away from £500 !

Can't stop grinning.

Brennig said...

Wedding anniversary waits for no-one (except the divorce court if the date gets overlooked).

Guinness was had, some friendly Italians were met (they do understand that they came second, don't they?) and the hotel suite was beyond all measure of description.

Sadly, during the (first and) second half I was, ahem, otherwise engaged. No interval required.

Gumpher said...

The seriously unslefish gets changes to Sainthood.

Climbing on during the match ? Hat off and all that