Friday, August 29, 2014


Loves the fuckwit spaniel, & a mate for the ginger tosser, who is gradually taking to her. Fitted in just perfectly and the boys adore her.

She's a rescue kitten, so it's nice that she's ended up with us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Had a weekend in these pod thingies, and it being Wales, it pissed down in the night, so it was rather pleasant not to have to pack up a wet tent in the morning

Had a bit of a chilly day on the beach, but we did get a few hours of sun which made it worthwhile

As well as finding a sheltered spot in the dunes for a barbie and a cheeky wet

Headed off to Cardiff bay the following day and had a good mooch and lunch next to the water. A few of us ventured onto a R.I.B with 400 horses on the back for a blast across the bay. Scared the crap out of Josh, I've never seen him hold on as tightly to anything before, white knuckles indeed.

A cracking weekend was had by all. Good times.