Friday, December 10, 2010

London, yesterday. Update

The utter cocksocket on The Cenotaph has come clean and issued what sounds like a professional press release, rather than an apology.

He, (I thought it was a woman, girlie looking twat) is one Charlie Gilmour, the son of one of my favourite guitarists, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

I bet he would really struggle to pay back tuition fees.

London, yesterday

I don't know what the answer is to tuition fees. Let's get that straight from the outset.

But what happened yesterday is not the answer.

Do we teach our children that if you disagree with something, simply get out onto the streets and start smashing the place up?

I followed it through social, rather than news media, and I was simply stunned by the attitude of some of the people who were taking part.

And as for the police brutality accusations. If you start chucking snooker balls and scaffolding pipes at police officers and police horses you are breaking the law, and it's highly likely that the police are going to take action to stop you. So don't fucking bleat if you get cracked with a baton. And as for the 'charge' by police horses, what a load of bollocks, they barely got into a trot.

If you feel strongly about something, you have a democratic right to protest, not that I personally think it makes that much difference. See the numbers at the Stop the War and Countryside Alliance marches. You do not however, have the democratic right to kick off to get your point across.

I hope that stupid bitch who swung on the flag on The Cenotaph is tracked down by the media and publicly shamed, the same goes for the little runt pissing on Churchill's statue. It can't be that difficult, they managed to identify a woman shoving a cat in a wheelie bin after all.