Friday, July 22, 2005

On today's loath list, at the top, solicitors who charge a mint and don't do what they're fucking told when they're told to do it. The bizarre virus that his made me feel like shit all week. There are various others but I'm to buggered to list them.

If today's ventilated feller was a suicide bomber, well done to those police officers who chased him down and killed him, very brave and shows the fuckers how this country will respond. If he wasn't a bomber, they'll be in a bit of doo doo, but I can't see them putting five holes in a guys head if they're not 100%.

Don't like a true democracy ? British or Asian, I don't give a toss, fuck off somewhere else you twisted religious nutjobs

Friday, July 08, 2005

London. Bloody hell. Like most I was elated with the news of the Olympics, and found listening to the hold process on 5 live nervewracking. A and I spoke of which events we would like to take the boys to, athletics, gynastics and diving. And then the following day. Cowardly scum. I once again listened to 5 live, but this time in horror, not eleation. You can only admire the calm and resolve of all of the people involved and the way the emergency plans worked. I hope they catch these fuckers. I am not anti Islam, I am anti religious fundamentalism of any kind, I think they're all fucking nuts. Anyone who kills in the name of their god is a freak who needs a reality check, but they're all too far gone for that. And if the bus bomb turns out to be a suicide nutjob, then we're in serious trouble. If they're not afraid to die themselves to kill, how can this be stopped in the future ? Very sad, but very fucking angry too

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

At the weekend we turned into nerdy village do gooders, but got very pissed in the process. Friday night was a masked ball, a fund raiser for the school, and yes we got bolloxed. Luckily everyone else was in the same frame of mind, and the venue was a sea of very drunken thirty something parents completely oblivious to the harsh fact that their little darlings would be demanding breakfast at six ish.
The following day was another fundraiser, a fete for the under fives. I awoke to the vile sensation of the dry mouth and thumping head, fired bacon and eggs into me whilst listening to the Lions (which doesn't merit further discussion ) RA banged on the door soon afterwards, looking suitably hungover, and off we set for our day of do gooding. RA had the cracking idea of getting a temporary licence and running a bar at the fete. We had built said bar on Thursday, and mighty fine it looked too. Only problem was said bar needed to be assembled along with a daft amount of assorted marquees and gazebos. On arrival at the rec we were greeted by other zombified, sunglass wearing water slurping fellows, and cracked on. Apart from being a bit of an effort, it was a cracking day.A performed valiantly on the face painting, with at least twenty little spidermans hurtling out of the tent. Friends hounds performed well in the dog show, the acapella (sp ? ) choir were outstanding and a shed load of cash was raised. Friends stayed for a takeaway and beers in the garden, and a bottle of white did my hangover the power of good. Then.... bugger, I'd promised to help JB clear his barns out on Sunday. Eventually fell asleep in front of Top Gear, the kids shattered and long in bed. A came up to have to kick C back to his room, as he had snuck in for a cuddle. A groovy weekend, making up for all of the shit I seem to take on a daily basis at work...................