Friday, November 28, 2003

So an Al q suspect turns up in Gloucester ! Bloody bizarre where these fruitloops turn up. British born as well. Perhaps it's time to start asking these clowns if they consider them selves to be British first or Muslim and then fire them out of here. The guy was only 24 years old, with a normal state education. If guilt is proven, someone is responsible for some major brainwashing somewhere along the line. All forms of fundamentalism rankles me, but the whole muslim lunacy bit is starting to become tiresome, but where is the solution ? We've now seriously rattled their cage with the whole Afghan/ Iraq situation, and we seem to be fairly inept at countering thr threat they pose. One saving grace is that there probably won't be a great deal of activity on mainland Britain, as we have vast experience of counter terrorism after dealing with the Irish problem for so long, but that means that easier targets elsewhere get hit. It's a hell of a problem for the politicos, but would it have been there if we'd finished the job in the first gulf war ?

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

had the 'what happens when your mother finds your blog' scenario over the weekend, and apparently I use too much foul language. I was suitably chastised and felt like a five year old on the wrong end of a scolding. I am in fact, thirty five with two children of my own, and whilst I am glad for people to read the gumph in my thoughts, I am not overly concerned if the content or style caused offence. Like the tv has an off button, your browser has a back one.

I now have to put up with my English chums reminding me that they are the world champions for the next four years, can't wait. Nice to see the Aussies get down over in their own back yard though. Now that's all over it's back to Glaws and the premiership, which is fairly painful viewing at the moment. I would imagine that my rugby viewing will be vastly curtailed by the black hole that is our impending nuptials. I would hazard a guess that I could settle Peru's national debt for less, but I wouldn't get a 'gala buffet' thrown in with that. Be afraid, very afraid. I will constantly whine about the 'stress' and the cost for the next six months with montonous regularity, but the reality is that I am very much looking forward to it ( sniff, kleenex please )

Friday, November 21, 2003

Going on from my last posting concerning the weather I now have the cold from hell. As I am an adult male, it is not simply a cold, but probably a near life threatening rare influenza virus. Yes, it's only a cold, and it will be gone in a day or so, but why do I have to feel so crap whilst it's here ? I'm hot, my head feels too big, and I have yellowish - green gunk pouring out of my nose and throat. I blame Bush, I didn't have it before he arrived. As everything else seems to be his fault at the moment, he might as well cop it for my lack of well being. He's off to geordieland today. I wonder if he'll get down to Tone's local working men's club, watch the turn, have a go on the bingo in the interval, and then join in the punch up outside the kebeb house at closing time. Doubt it somehow.

World cup final tomorrow. Although I'm Welsh, I hope England win. Yes, Australia probably are the greatest sporting nation on earth ( sorry if you're American, but no one else plays glorified rounders or dresses up like a swat team to play a crap version of rugby, you just don't cut it in the major sports ) but aren't we just sick of hearing about it. And, they will hate it, totally hate it, if the Poms do them in their own backyard. Although it sticks in my throat and struggles to get out, come on you Pommies ! There is my proviso that this is the only time this will happen, come the six nations I pray that we will give them a good pasting, and show them ( not that we haven't already ) how the beautiful game is played.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

It's a funny old time of year. Not particularly cold, but bleak and grey. I think that saying that I have sad is a bit extreme, but I do find that I am different at this time of year. Motivation comes a lot harder, and I am very lethargic. My time spent exercising declines, and I tend to drink more alcohol. I like to spend time outside, and that becomes harder when daylight is so much shorter. D has come back from the Canaries for a week, a trip that went tits up from the start, but he can't wait to get back. He's only been there four months and already detests a November in the uk. By tomorrow evening he'll be back in his shorts taking a swim. Spawny git. J is one tomorrow. ONE. It hardly seems a few months since the little vandal was born, and now he can walk, and the whole interaction thing has started, which I adore. In that sense, I hope he's like C, who has a marvellous sponge like quality. Only five more months of bleak and grey. Whoopee

Friday, November 14, 2003

Ever had one of those extra special shit days ? Just coming to the end of one now. I want, no rephrase that, need, in no paricular order: one x thai meal, one x bottle red wine, one x good blowjob. Oh well a guaranteed two out of three ain't bad

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Must be more tolerant - repeat 100 times............. Nah fuck that
Nicky Cambell very good on 5 live this morning. He had Margaret Beckett ( the one who looks like Frankie Dettori shoud be whipping her saying giddyup - sinfully ugly) on for her opinions of Michael Howard. She said that he would be remembered for his past, poll tax etc. Cambell reminded her that she was once a socialist and a member of CND - we all have a past. Nice touch. Wonder how Jack off Straw would have liked to pay for his education when he was president of the NUS. Must try to get off this subject, but they are such a bunch of jizz monkeys it's hard not to .

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Oh, I'm by no means anti American, I just think that your unelected leader is a total knob jockey
So the texas retard is coming to visit our shores and his only chum in the playground Brown nose Tone wants us to leave his mate alone, and not shout at him. Not shout what ? Liar ? Cheat ? Backward in bred fuck ? Pray do tell
People who work in an accounts department have no concept at all of how the real world functions. A bunch a jumped up nobodies with no social skills but vastly adept in the art of onan. They should all be forced to work in thier company's sales team for a month and then see if they develop more of an art for normal human interaction. Wankers.