Monday, April 15, 2013

What goes on tour...........

Charlie had his first rugby tour last weekend, and I tagged along too (Club rules, if your son goes, you go)

We both had a superb weekend in a shitty holiday park near Bournemouth.

It was all done properly with tour court along with a judge, lawyers and sneaks. Whipped cream pies and chilli sauce drinks for the kids when proven guilty, the usual liver punishment for any adult up in front of the beak.

Bean had a superb time, I'm so glad we booked it as it's his first full season with the new club, and it was a chance for him to get to know people a bit better. They all enjoyed paintballing on the way back. A couple of dads went in to observe, needless to say the kids shot the shit out of them.

There won't be photos, the tour theme was 'Lord of the Rings' cumpolsory fancy dress for the whole weekend. I make a fucking daft looking hobbit.

Friday, April 05, 2013

A Welsh Easter

'Twas a bit chilly in the Black Mountains, but very beautiful.