Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Obtained a crime reference number last night for insurance purposes. Spoke to a very friendly copper who agreed that it was a shame that said juveniles couldn't be dealt with by a good clip around the ear anymore. Jeez I'm thirty six and middle aged, harking back to Dixon of Dock Green, 'now run along laddie', yeah right that would now get you a torrent of vitriol in return. A has poisoned me. Mum came around at lunch time to see the kids on her way to take grandma oop north to see her rellies. My dinner was lunch heated up. I've been on the pan all morning and my guts have gone into spasm. I was planning on the gym at lunch time, but keffing on the rowing machine probably wouldn't go down too well.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Much delay between postings, can't seem to automate blog mode. Some little twat keeps keying one of my cars and I'm starting to get mighty pissed off as this is the third time. Bizarre, you pay a fucking packet to move to a tranquil little village for peace and quiet and some prick gets his jollies scratching your car. A friend around the corner had his brand spanker mini done on the same night. The phantom keyer will regret R catching up with him ( if he does ) he's a mighty big feller and a bit of a petrolhead, the mini being his p & j. What is the mentality ? It's a fucking astra for christs sake ( A's not mine, if he'd touched mine the posse would have been out a while ago ) it's a means of carrying two kids and related paraphenalia, even she can't stand the damn thing. It's so bland it should be called a vauxhall beige so why the fucking hell does someone wan't to key the bastard? Arseholes
Not been summonsed for speeding yet, fingers crossed, but I was a good polite boy to the nice lady plod.
Just collected first tickets of the season to see the mighty Glaws, good game to against wiggy and the rest of his tigger mates. Can't wait, good company, rugby, the mighty black stuff, gods own apples etc etc.
C exposed to power rangers for the first time at friends. Suppose it had to happen, but I can't stand that type of shite, his imagination is wild enough not to need that crap. He doesn't really get it tho, on holiday in August he was playing with some older kids of some friends, carging around proclaiming 'I'm a ginger turtle !' Long may it stay that way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

J still has the squits, so another shit ridden night ( for his mum this time , I slept like a log ). Had to produce documents at the nick today. I got stopped doing 75.1 in a 50. First offence in 1- years. I think I'm in the doo doo, going to court. Plead guilty and take the grief. I won't lose my licence, but I think it will be a few points and a hefty fine. Don't know why I was going so fast, wasn't in a hurry, just on my way home. The copper was very pleasant, I was polite, a thoroughly amicable nicking.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

10 to six and still in the office. Saddo. Knackered after a shite nights sleep. C coughed til he hurled at 2 am, and J has the squits and was up all night. Ah the joys of being the father of two small boys. Being tired did not help an entire afternoon meeting with three pleasant, but very earnest japanese chaps wanting to discuss strategy for colour printing products for the next financial year. Just about to bugger off home. A & I are treating ourselves to a takeaway from a new Thai restaurant in Pershore. Jeez a thai restaurant in Pershore, we'll have to take the straw out of our teeth and answer accusations of being cosmopolitan.
Blimey, my own little bit of the internet. Be prepared for mindless wittering and rambling. Just going to get this up to pop my blogging cherry so to speak