Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Today is one of those days when I'm am damn glad that the company is being sold. There said it. My life for the last ten years will be no more. G and I are taking the shilling and scarpering. Price nearly agreed, just the lawyer and accountant shite to go through and then I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. To do what I don't know. Depends on the lucre. I need enough to start something else, but if we get the right price I don't have to work for a couple of years, but that is a non starter, I'd go mad. A six month sabbatical is the plan, perhaps get down to Oz for a month and see Dad, do a bit of travelling with A and the kids. Batteries back to nuclear capacity, C starting school, fresh ideas, fresh start BANG - I'm steaming.
I've enjoyed what I've done, and taken pride in some kind of achievement, and the majority of clients I deal with are good people, but when you have a wanker like the one today, who wouldn't be happy if we chucked a night with Kylie in with the deal - well walk on the good life

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A good start would be to get back into a decent exercise routine. I'm not keen on the next time I have to step on the scales. Hell, I'm no bloater, but I've always been fit, and since I hit the mid thirties and had kids, the whole exercise thing has gone a bit. If i don't keep on top of it I start to develop love handles. Yak. Rugby is out of the window, I'm enjoying watching it, but I cannot risk a bad injury. I had twenty five good years of playing and I'm suprised I don't miss it. I suppose because I'm still watching I'm still getting something out of it, but it's not the same. Back to the gym I suppose. Half four dark and cold, bunch of arse
The whole wedding thing is starting to seriously piss me off. I just feel like I want it done, finished, and then its just the two of us on a beach in Thailand far away from the insanity of it all. It seems impossible to please people which is very odd because I thought that people would want to please us as it is our wedding. Too simple - it would appear so. I am fast approaching the our way or the high way school of thought. Very down at the moment, I need a positive surge to get me going again