Friday, July 02, 2004

Yet again, time between posts, but this time I've got an excuse - it's been total chaos, but on the upside A is now Mrs M, how cool is that ? It's been a period of time which has flown by starting with my stag in Bristol. A good hardened crew was assembled with M back from NZ , R from HK and D from Spain, 16 in all. A cracking time had by all with the bonus of watching Wales stuff the baa baas. I think I got off quite lightly apart from some interesting body art which eventually came off with exfoiliating cream. Roaringly drunk - of course. A few days to prepare, spent the night before in the village pub with dad and the wedding crew as above, and then the big day. It rained in the morning, but as we drove to the church the clouds parterd and the sun stayed for the rest of the day. The church was full of everyone who has ever meant something to us both over the years, and that in itself was beautiful to see. When A eventually stood by my side she was stunning. I'm sure all grooms say this but Mrs M is a damn fine looking specimen, and today she was more lovely than ever.The service was wonderful, I particularly enjoyed listening to my English chums having to belt out Cwm Rhondda. The boys behaves superbly throughout the service which made me very proud. A cracking reception which flowed seamlessly through the afternoon and evening. My speech was a bit of a duffer, I had nothing scripted, I didn't feel that was appropriate and I knew exactly what I wanted to say - public speaking has never fazed me. I was not prepared to be as overcome with emotion as I was, my new wife beside me, my sons and my family and friends and I am afraid I choked somewhat, and I'm not sure I projected all of what I wanted to say . It is a day that will linger forever in my memory as one of the happiest of my life. More was to come, A and I had a stonking honeymoon on glorious Koh Samui, stunning island, wonderful people. The boys stayed at home with my Mum, and although we missed them, it meant a great deal to both of us to have time on our own together in a beautiful place. A major shock on our return was the news that my grandmother had died whilst we were away. my mother had decided not to tell us, which I am grateful for. I take consolation in that the last time I saw her was a happy day, with her family around her. The funeral, as usual, was grim