Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm in the dog house.

It was a friend's 40th yesterday. We both took the day off work and played golf. And then went to the pub. All day.

We fell through the door at his house at around 6 ish, all idiot grins and apologies. His wife took one look at us, went to the fridge, took out the lobster she was going to prepare for the romantic dinner a deux, opened the back door and lobbed it into next door's back garden.

After a few glasses of wine she was fine. My beloved was livid, slight over reaction in my opinion. I ended up in boy 1's lower bunk for the night, no great suprise.

Woke up this morning totally free of any hangover! Result.


Vi said...

Free of hangover, but I reckon you are still in the dog house! I chuckled about the lobster chucking. It was probably the one that's half price in Tesco at the moment, so no real waste! hehe.

Gumpher said...

'Twas bloody funny, a mighty chuck