Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another Christmas break over and done with and the delights of the return to the office, whoopee.
Christmas was a quiet affair spent at home in its entirety, which was a bit too long. If the holidays are that long next year,we seriously need to consider going away for a while. The kids got the usual mental amount of presents but thankfully nothing too loud. C thoroughly enjoyed himself and was remarkably restrained with his present opening, J suprisingly, fairly uninterested. Managed plenty of good walks as the weather wasn't too bad but we did have snow on Christmas day much to the delight of the boys. I can't remember when that last happened and it does make the whole thing more 'seasonal'.

Boxing day in Asia came as a bit of a shock. We spent our honeymoon in Thailand last year, a beautiful country with wonderful people, words cannot do justice to the loss of life and the loss of existence. A girl that A was at school with lost her sister, the family are devastated, but they had the small comfort of finding her body. We were worried for a few close friends who were holidaying at the time, but thankfully all are okay. DH, one of the rugby boys, was on Samui at the time, which being on the east was unnaffected. G managed to get hold of him on his mobile to be told ' I'm fine, now bugger off, it's five in the morning', charmed I'm sure, but at least I don't have to get rid of his ticket for the Stade Francais game!

Work is a bit tense as we're waiting for the final offer from our prospective buyers. To be blunt we're both shitting our pants as we have no desire to start negotiations with anyone else, I'd rather buy a Bath season ticket, but on the other hand we've got to get good value for ouselves, otherwise what's the point ?