Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I really do need to get more motivated about this blogging malarkey. Just realised my last effort concerned my impending speeding case and I am now the owner of three penalty points and a sixty quid fine, which I thought was a bit of a result. Also, a total waste of money. Why didn't they just give me a fixed penalty notice ? The points would have been the same, and the fine only thirty quid less, and christ knows what it costs to put a case through court. Pathetic, and indicative of the crazy red tape that permeates every sphere of our existence.
Took a day off for C's fourth birthday on Monday. When he hit the sack for his last night of threedom he was convinced that all his teeth would have fallen out, and that he was in for a hefty windfall from the tooth fairy. Suprisingly, given his present tantrum level, he was not that disappointed to wake up with a full set of ivories. He thoroughly enjoyed his day out at a wildlife park in the company of a few of his hooligan chums, not sure if the animals felt the same. They charged around like Linford Christie on speed for a few hours, and then - clunk, a switch gets thrown and the batteries run out. Mum and Dad get a blissfully quiet journey home.
One more day at the office and then its leaving on a jet plane for a long weekend of rugby, red wine and compulsory snail eating. I adore France. It's so - well, - French. The added bonus of no women, no kids, and the company of like minded cretins who are equally determined to spend the odd weekend in a Peter Pan like state still thinking that we can stay up late a drink stupid amounts. Still, it's a challenge and a gauntlet I will pick up with gusto. Allez les Glaws

Monday, January 05, 2004

Oh, got the bloody summons through for that speeding incident in September, the crafty sods backdated it to November. Bunch of arse
Christmas finishes at last, and the nose firmly hits the grindstone. A bizzare holiday, nearly two weeks off without actually going on holiday. The usual orgy of present opening for the kids, which C enjoyed hugely, but J at one remained unimpressed - ooh great something else that makes a stupid noise. Do they really need toys that quack for stimulation ? Still, we got through it without killing each other or the kids. Managed to get out and about as much as possible, but found myself strangely jealous whilst yomping along next to the Avon freezing my nadgers off when thinking about C & M jollying around NZ. Still, maybe if things go as planned we might find a few months in the sun ourselves.

Still don't get the whole new year thing. Went to a pleasant shindig at friends, but everyone turns into an arse at midnight. Is it absolutley compulsory to sing some dorky scottish verse and hug and kiss the nearest strnager simply because the date has changed? It's a pile of crap and even when bladdered, have never managed to to catch the vibe.

With Christmas over it's back to the miltary op that is the wedding - aaaaargh. Still got the ring and settled the South African national debt in the process - must get round to proposing.