Wednesday, October 08, 2003

George Bush in the white house and now Arnie as governor of Califonia. our friends across the water do have a sense of humour after all

Monday, October 06, 2003

Had dinner with friends on Saturday night and drank organic red wine, lots of it. Now I normally drink lots of normal full chemical red wine and have decided to stick to it, as the organic variety made me hurl, violently. The following day I had the hangover from hell but made out I was ill so A wouldn't give me grief along the 'it's your own fault 'variety. Finally surfaced properly at around 3 ( told you it was bad) and took the kids out for a walk whilst A slept off her own hangover. 'I'm not hungover I'm tired' - yeah, and I'm ill. Autumn has definitely hit, it was bloody cold and J slept in his buggy most of the way. C & I played a finding game and came home with a good haul, leaves for him to stick, conkers, acorns, all the things that make being a kid of 3 1/2 great in the autumn. It is cold though, and it's happened in the space of a few days. To doubly piss me off G, my business partner has taken his mob on a late summer hol to the Algarve - where it's still hot - yippee, thanks for ringing me to let me know. He'll cool off when he sees the cashflow forecast. Biz is not good. We've a big promotion running this month and it's GOT to generate, because its costing to do it. Speaking to other dealers I trust ( not the' yeah mate we shifting them out by the fifty' mob) others are in the same boat and have been since roughly the start of the war. Hmmm.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Back onto my greatest love in life - New Labour. No weapons found, surprise, apology from Tone for lying, not likely. What these fuckers have got to get to grips with is putting your hands up and saying 'we got it wrong', not just on Iraq,but on a wide variety of issues. But they won't. The arrogance is unbelievable, they must think the electorate are a bunch of retards. Its hardly suprising that voting numbers are rapidly declining, people are starting to think that there is no point, that they're all the same, and that they will do what they want regardless. This is your legacy Tone, and its a shite state of affairs. People fought and died to preserve our democracy, and you are turning our country into a one man state where people think that their vote won't matter, and that is a fucking scandal. When were were an empire we had an emporer, when we were a kingdom we had a king, now we're a country we've got Tony Blair. Still at least we're not American, you lot put the village idiot into the White House, now that is scary.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

So the labour confrenece finishes with a defeat on foundation hospitals. Bet they try and push it through anyway. They are the most arrogant soul selling power crazy madmen that have ever held power in modern British politics, and the prince of Twats, Blair is the cuntiest of the lot. Everything costs more now in this country than it ever has, and they tell us that it doesn't, well thats that then.