Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blowing a hoolie

Its not cool to talk about the weather, but jeez, I'm sick of this. Its not cold but I am bored of the pissing rain and howling winds. Lets have more global warming, I like living in shorts and a tee shirt.

Utter hilarity watching that thick scouse munter with the vile plastic tits on cbb and listening to her comment on not being able to understand Shilpa because of her accent. Pot. Kettle. Black. Moose.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Not sure that old blogger is saving posts, perhaps I should go to the new version. I am such a retard luddite, I can't beleive I actually used to sell technology for a living, good job it was a concept sale. I'm in the process of uploading a load of stuiff onto an MP3 player I've bought for the boy's birthday. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it takes an awfully long time to get a cd onto the bastard thing.

What a kerfuffle over celeb big brother. It's not racist, it's just three poorly educated peasants not knowing how to react to a person who is totally alien to them. I don't think you can accuse them of racism just because they're as thick as pig shit. The Goody family, ay caramba, pure fucking trash. The mother really should have been prevented from breeding, and as for Jack introducing himself as a football agent, christ I know some footballers are dense, but you'd have to be in a near vegetative state to let that chimp manage your affairs.

Back to the joys of the MP3...................