Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So that space cadet jackson is innocent of all charges. But he likes to share his bed with other peoples' children. Glad thats sorted out, fine and dandy. Gotta love the yanks.

Hay fever is a bugger of a thing. Had a cracking Saturday. Went to an airday at the little airfield in the next village. Lots of old and new light aircraft buzzing about, and a classic car display. C spotted a Ferrari Testicleroaster, which made his day. We parked in a field of cut hay, hence the hay fever thing. Later, in the afternoon we walked some friends dogs and kids through the meadows next to the river. That evening A was streming and had constricted breathing. Despite all the potions she has to take at this time of the year, the doc told her she'd had a bad reaction to the cut hay.We walk a fair bit, and live in the sticks, so a bit of a pain for A.

Currently on the loath list - barclays bank - backward thinking fucktards. Sir Clive, for picking too many Englishmen.

Currently on the jooly good show list, C for getting man of the match at footie last night, J for managing a full week of neither destroying property or himself,the weather, daftly, for making me feel good.

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