Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jeez it's hot. We're starting to get very bizarre weather. Went to Wales for the w/e, only about a fifty mile drive and it was damn hot, get home on Sunday, and it was hot but vile sticky hot. Odd. And even odder, having had a w/e without tv and papers was to see on the news about the flash floods in Yorkshire. It's all a bit like the start of Flash Gordon.
Nice of the government to put their lunatic transport plans in their manifesto so we'd all know what we'd be voting for. The only upside is that Top gear get to take the piss out of Darling and Man Love. I'm buggered if I will let those two goons put a black box in my car that will be tracked by American military satellites. We'll all end up with a hellfire missile up our arses from some gung ho Apache pilot called Bobby Ray who mistook a family saloon for an Iraqi battle tank. They'll also spend gazzillions on yet another computer system that won't work and every country lane in the UK will be blocked by commuters trying to find a cheap way to get to work avoiding paying forty quid to drive three junctions down a motorway. They seem to fail to grasp that the majority of people start work around nine ish and that roads have a tendency to be busy as a consequence.

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