Friday, June 24, 2005

An interesting weekend looms. A is going to Brighton for a chicks weekend and some well needed r & r from our boisterous offspring. She's dropping them off at my office this afternoon, so its me and the boys - alone - together.( Cue creepy music ). Nah, I love it, as long as J toes the line. There's a steam engine show at Tewkesbury rugby club on Saturday, and an Asian culture festival in Evesham all weekend, sorted. And particularly C sorted, because there's plenty of open air cooking going on so he'll be able to wolf down satays to his hearts content.
Coincidently, the groups for the European challenge cup have been announced ( second tier, bit like the uefa cup, how the mighty have fallen ) and Gloucester have drawn Toulon and Bayonne. Decisions, decisions. Probably Toulon as easyjet fly into Marseille from Bristol, otherwise its a hike to Stanstead to get to Bayonne. After surviving the M25 on a Sunday night with a three day hangover after a previous rugby sojourn to France, I suspect no one will be that keen again. Although I do fancy Bayonne. When I was a kid there was a Fench winger called Patrice Lagisquet. Couldn't tackle or catch, but when he did manage to hold it, he went like greased weasel shit. They called him the Bayonne Express. Just a funny memory from years ago gives it more of a pull. There may be a spanner flung in the works, reasonably so. DH is one of the regular crew, and a passionate Scarlets supporter, and as he rightly points out, he has been to the Glaws games for the past few years, and as the Scarlets are in the cup, and Glaws the shield, we should go to watch the Scarlets. This was put off for discussion at a later time, but as they have drawn Toulouse, it's not exactly a hardship. I said coincidentally about half a page up, because A is off for the w/e and it selfishly always makes me think of my next jolly. She could have picked a w/e without a Lions test, we haven't got sodding Sky.

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