Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The picture worked ! I am not a retard. May post more if the inclination takes me.

Nothing like a few sunny days to perk the old Gumpher up. Can't beat it, especially when both office and car have a/c. Evenings are long, a chance to venture up to the championship course that is Comberton Golf Club for a swift nine after the kids are tucked up. A friend of mine calls golf swish-fuck, which is the greatest description of the game I have heard, he claims they are the only two noises he makes on a golf course.

Try as I do, I cannot avoid watching Big Brother, it sucks me in like a big sucky thing. This year's producers have excelled themselves in finding the vilest group of people so far, although I do find Derek quite entertaining, and Sam is (lets be honest) very easy on the eye. The rest - ay caramba ! That vile fat titted northern thing is hilarious 'I know I'm good looking me'. If that was the only female left on the planet I'd take a plane down under and find a desperate wombat to pleasure. And please put those grim saggy udders away. The nations farmers must all wander outside at 10pm subconciously thinking its milking time after seeing those.The great thing about Big Brother is that every year it never fails to make me feel a bit better about myself. Sad, but true, or harsh but fair ?

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