Friday, March 12, 2010

Talk Talk

What a bunch of chimps.

I'm not asking to be flown to the moon. I would like a telephone line and broadband. I have a direct debit in place, all they have to do is email my invoice, and take the money.

I have the most simple e mail address on the planet, but for some unknown reason, every other month, some fucktard from TalkTalk decides to add a '1' to it, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't get through.

Then they write to me to say I'm being charged for a paper bill as I don't have a valid e mail address, despite them using the correct address the previous month.

The online account has never worked. It either won't recognise the log in or password, and won't allow them to be reset.

So. The phone call. I'd rather rub my nuts on a cheesegrater than ring the TalkTalk call centre. I have nothing against Indians, nor indeed any nationality ( apart from the odd Irishman at six nations time) but if you're going to use foreign call centres, at least use staff who have a basic grasp of the language of the country they are servicing..

Twenty seven minutes and three separate staff in order to ensure that a '1' is not added to an email address, and each time they pass me onto a colleague, that mong wants me to repeat my name,address, date of birth, phone number and account number.

It's not good for my ever greying thatch.


nuttycow said...

Easiest thing to do is to stop paying until they get it right.

Gumpher said...

True, but if payment is not made, they'll simply flick the switch

Brennig said...

OMG Gumph, you're back! Sorry to read about the appendix thing. Hope you're recovered and fit in all respects now.

Gumpher said...

Back indeed Bren, and almost back to fitness.

All the weight I lost in hospital has gone back on through inactivity, although i should shift it quickly now I'm back exercising.

First coaching session with the U10s since the op tomorrow.Can't wait, they'll probably do better than Wales