Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We are now officially lurgified at Gumpher towers. A is still on antibiotics, and C has a gland problem which has knocked him for six. He's a pretty solid chap on usual form, but he's zonked out. Pale, not eating, and in a fair bit of discomfort.

He fell asleep as I was reading to him last night, and I didn't want to disturb him, so he and I shared our bed last night, with A in his. Not sure it was a good choice on my part, he was very restless all night, up and down for water and medicine.

On Sunday, he spewed his on body weight- inside my car. I spent an hour cleaning it, and had another go this morning, but the stench is unbearable. We're away for the bank holiday, and I'm going to have to get it valeted beforehand, otherwise we'll be driving everywhere with the windows open.

I am really not in the mood for work today, hence the blogging. Generally I enjoy what I do, but like everyone I suppose, you have periods of lacking motivation and interest. Today is one of those days, it's going to be an effort.


Brennig said...

Ah, the smell of stale vomit... Hope it's all cleared up now. In both senses.

Vi said...

Just don't get it yourself before you go away! There is a lot of it going on around me as well and feel been fighting it, I can't get sick, too many holidays coming up!

Gumpher said...

Bren, all cleared up, but still stinks. I've not had time to have it valeted, and we're off to Builth on Friday.

Vi, he's still off school, poor little bugger. When did you turn into Onassis? All these holidays!