Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morons on the road

I had a fun experience today. It also blew a few urban myths away. When you think that you might die, your life does not flash before your eyes, nor do you shit yourself.

I was on a straight two lane road in my van, pootling along at fifty when the two cars ahead of me hit the brakes, as the car in front of them had just indicated for a right turning about thirty feet in front of them. I also hit the brakes and the van slammed sideways across the road and just carried on at that angle for about sixty feet ( I checked the skid marks) . Going sideways at fifty ish in a high top three and a half ton long wheelbased van is not an experience I want to repeat in a hurry especially as I was convinced it was going to flip over.

Eventually, I hit the rather high kerb, the van jumped into the air and rather luckily buried itself into the soft verge, rather than carrying on into the ditch. So, there I was, at forty five degrees with the van across the lane, unable to reverse out as I was buried so deep, with traffic whizzing past. Thankfully, another van stopped, he had a tow rope, and dragged me out.

It fair rattled me.

Later, I saw Rick Wakeman in a petrol station on the A14. He drives a Porsche, looks rather vague and is freakishly tall.


nuttycow said...

How scary. Glad you're ok...

Brennig said...

your life does not flash before your eyes, nor do you shit yourself

Perhaps you weren't really in danger of croaking it this time, hence the flashing and flushing no-shows?

I love Rick Wakeman. Got pissed with him in a pub in Southend-on-Sea once. Top man.

Gumpher said...

Nutters, thank you, I am still a tad shaken, too many fags and becks were taken last night.

Bren, I wouldn't want to try it again!