Thursday, April 24, 2008


Am I being tight ? We rarely use public transport, but today my wife took a bus from the nearest town back to the village. She'd been to a pilates class and her friend who had driven, had forgotton about a dental appointment and had to shoot off, hence the bus.

Now, am I totally removed from reality ? The journey is a shade over three miles.

£1.75, fuck me, she could have got a cab out here in the sticks for that. Now I look at it, I appear a bit daft, bitching about a couple of quid., I mean £1.75 is nothing, but it seems a bit much to me for a three mile bus journey.

More money whinge. I've just paid sixty quid to fill my car with diesel.

I've had to add Yvette Cooper to my list of 'What the flying fuck made you think that you were cut out for a career as a politician ?' after her hilariously inept performance on Newsnight last night.
The other two weren't much better. George Osbourne is an oily little tick, and Vince Cable looks like the uncle that starts the conga at a wedding after two halves of mild. Bless him. All treasury spokepersons for their parties. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Brennig said...

It's £15/£20 to cab it from Detroitwich to home (15 mins) or £2.50 for the same journey on the bus (45 mins). Or £3 for the train (10 mins). Except the trains don't fucking turn up.

Vi said...

Probably costs you the same in diesel!!!!

PI said...

Never mind! Soon you'll be 70 and able to travel free:)

Gumpher said...

pi, thank you so much !