Monday, April 07, 2008

Ho hum

I am bereft of blogging inspiration at the moment, but then I am generally uninspired.

I'm in a slump.

I need to jump on a plane, with A and the boys, and head off to somewhere with clear blue skies and gently lapping shores.

I need to not see the pointlessness of the Olympics, the loss of what was the Corinthian Spirit, the inevitable involvement of politics in sport ( but accepting that it's ok really because coca cola and mastercard get to show their logos to the world).

I need to stop thinking of the futile existence of those involved in the whole sad Shannon Matthews affair, and thank goodness that it's not me in that stinking estate, shagging near members of my family, but then wondering , ' Am I where I am through choice, or
circumstance ?

I need to stop loathing the bloated excess of football in this country ( a tough one)

I need to stop hating the pseudo socialist labour party as much as I do.

I need to stop despising the international community for ignoring Zimbabwe whilst they dither pathetically across the middle east.

I need to chill out.

A lot.


Brennig said...

Grasshopper, the age of reason is upon you. It shall soon follow with the age of enlightenment - when you will call those in power 'tosspots' and pity them for the shallow fools they are.

Don't know why I'm so cheerful; corporation tax bill of £23k landed through the letterbox yesterday!

Gumpher said...

As the Bud ad says, True.

That's whacking great tax bill. You must have made a tidy profit last year. I hate writing cheques to the taxman, it's almost an innoluntary motion that has to be forced as you stick your moniker on the paper

Anonymous said...

Do it do it do it.

Just go on holiday. Why the hell not?

Bob said...

I'm amazed that anyone who lives in the U.K. isn't suicidal after enduring an entire English winter. Enjoy the wife and kids - do what you have to do, but don't forget to schedule time for what you enjoy. Blog fodder will flow.

Vi said...

know the feeling hon.

Gumpher said...

Pvmoo, you are right, but we have to wait for the hooigans school holidays.

Bob, British winters are vile. The darkness is bloody awful. We've just switched to British summertime and it certainly puts a spring in my stride (not that you'd think it by reading this blog at the moment)

Holiday blues Vi, and cheesed off with work

Girl Vino said...

I feel an absolute overload of rugby in this country. It seems to take up the entire year with one championship or other. It doesn't help that hubs is a couch professional at the sport and watches all he can of it! As for the olympics, sometimes the red tape gets in the way of the simple stuff. The torch journey for example...the protests that are surrounding it all makes you wonder whether it is all worth it. I do have a family member who is participating in it though and we are extrememly supportive of him and his dream to make it...I guess that is what I look at rather than the political crap that surrounds the rest of it.

Gumpher said...

Girl vino, noooooooooo, you can never have enough rugby. I'm glued to the 6n, and took boy 1 to Cardiff for his first 6n game this season. Saturdays are boy 2's rugby sessions, and Sundays are boy 1, which I also coach. My wife does get somewhat rugbied out !