Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm still here, honest

It has been a busy time at Gumpher Towers of late.

I've been checking my regular reads, and leaving the odd comment, but have had little time to get something down myself.

I'm currently running projects in Peterborough, Totnes, and Launceston, and unsurprisingly, my arse has spent an awfully long time stuck to the seat of my car as I traverse the wonders of our nations motorway network. I've still managed squash twice a week, and at least one big big ride in the longer evenings, and this combined with a few weeks on the wagon has me looking fairly trim, verging on the buff even (lets not get carried away here).

The boys have had a good few weeks. Boy 2 continues to both stretch the boundaries beyond their limits on an almost daily basis whilst looking like butter wouldn't melt. He's been a star at rugby, and starts cricket this week.

Boy 1 has been a bit of a grump of late, he's struggling to get off to sleep with the light evenings,
(they both go to bed fairly early on school nights, 7 for 2, 7.30 for 1), and this morning I had to virtually boot him downstairs for breakfast at 8. He had a great rugby club dinner on Friday. 240 kids from 6 to 17 crammed in, spruced up in collar and tie, noisy doesn't do it justice. Fantastic surprise for everyone when it came to the prizes. The Volcano, Lesley Vainikolo (Gloucester and England for the non rugby types) turned out to present them. The kids all went ballistic when he came out onto the stage. Fair goes to the bloke, he stayed until late, and considering he had a massive game against the Unmentionables the following day, it was bloody decent of him.

My 40th passed with no major trauma. We had a groovy time with friends in Cardiff Bay. The St.Davids was impressive, but not really our kind of place. Visually very cool, but A and I prefer our hotels more intimate, and a little less flash. Still, drank vast amounts of the fizzy stuff, ate well and enjoyed it.

A managed to complete the Tewkesbury half marathon yesterday, but was very disappointed with her time. When we saw the weather forecast I told her to forget about the time, just get round it. She was hoping to crack two hours, but sods law, it was the hottest day of the year, and all the runners struggled. She managed 2.10, which is a hell of an achievement for someone who only started running eight months ago, and I' m very proud of her. Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and spent the afternoon with the boys and a group of friends, sinking a few cold ones on the bank of the river at the sailing club. Bliss.

All is well as long as I don't look at the news. Same old.


Brennig said...

Congrats to the other half for the Tewkesbury Half; in yesterday's heat that can't have been easy.

nuttycow said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend though. Repeated congrats to the other half. I had to play rugby on Saturday and nearly died!

Gumpher said...

brennig, cheers on her behalf, it looked bloody tough.

NC, bloody hell, rugby in that ! Beyond the call of duty.

Vi said...

I totally understand about the lighter evenings. To help my boys sleep, I put black garbage bags on the windows!

Peach said...

Hey thanks for your recent comment on my pregnancy post.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I still envious of the wonderful discipline your kids have!

X peach X

Gumpher said...


Good behaviour in our household comes in fits and starts.

Bed times are strict, it's very much 'our' time from 7.30 onwards. The bed time thing starts at about 6.30 onwards with stories and such.

Most other stuff rarely runs as smoothly, mornings are chaos !

Brennig said...

Right then. You've had a month off. Best get your nose back to the grindstone and churn some stuff out for us to read, eh? :-)

Gumpher said...

You're right B, I've been dogs muck