Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boy 1 did indeed do the business on Sunday whilst I froze my nads off on the touchline with the other Dads. It was pissing down and bloody freezing, and at the same time A was sat in a nice warm theatre with boy 2.

I see our useless leaders have committed a further act of total embuggerance by losing data containing 15 million individuals bank details. Fucking clowns. And as they're happily dishing out squillions of quids to bail out ailing banks I wonder if I could trouble them for twenty grand or so as my cashflow is a bit tight this month. I've got my mortgage with Northern Cock, if they go tits up will I become mortgage free I wonder ?

I can't be arsed to carp on about Gordon and his bunch of tools for much longer. It's all too easy and really doesn't present much of a challenge. Part of Ruth Kelly's portfolio encompasses Equality, you couldn't make it up.


Brennig said...

Congrats to Boyo 1. While you were becoming nadless I spent most of the afternoon and evening in bed and/or in front of the telly. Sad old git that I am, but there comes a time when a weekend off is there to be taken and this was my first weekend off all forms of duty in eight weeks.

The irony that the government that wants to stamp out identity theft is the same one that has lost the names, addresses, dates of birth, NI numbers and bank details of 20,000,000 (and is the same one which wants to introduce a compulsory ID card!) almost makes me want to weep. That the missing discs were shoved in the post to the National Audit Office makes it a Brian Rix-like farce.

And the Northern Rock thing. £22,000,000,000 in the last three months, that's what they've spent propping up that bank. I have a theory: only the financial institutions I do owe money too (i.e. Mastercard) will never go tits up. The ones I have a cash deposit with (Barings) will. At least my current account's safe in a mutual building society I guess.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

That's why my boys don't play outdoor sports in this country! Cause I can't be arsed standing outside!

Gumpher said...


My weekends are spent ferrying the kids to various, sports parties etc. I had to turn down a free ticket to Wales v Boks on Saturday because of boy commitments.
The whole identity thing in this country has become a worringly unfunny farce, and like you, the few savings I have are with a mutual.

Its okay in August and September, just gets a little hardier in the winter months ! Flasks of hot coffee and foil wrapped bacon butties. When I was a kid I played rugby in Oz and used to whinge like hell about the ground being so bloody hard ! it was like playing on concrete

BottleBlonde said...

Northern Cock? I dated him once. He was a fan of traveling to Southern Cooch.

Gumpher said...

BB, You are pure filth