Saturday, May 14, 2005

I suppose that's enough bleating about the election, although I'm disgusted that shagger Blunkett is back in the cabinet. Doesn't do much for Tone's vision of respect. Can't see how Hewitt ever gets a job either, vile woman. She should be made to bend over while shagger B clambers on. Very deserving for both.
We're having a bit of a pant crisis at Gumpher towers. I've always been a boxer short man, I like to let my dingles dangle. Apart from sport when they need to be harnessed by an old fashioned jockstrap. A decided I needed new pants and came back with some highly dubious garments. They look a bit like boxers, but they're tight and stretchy.They're tight around the thigh, which feels a bit like wearing an extra pair of trousers. The jury's out, although A thinks they are flattering on the old welsh womb weasel. I'll give 'em a whirl

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