Thursday, May 05, 2005

For the love of God, please let's not vote that smug conceited wanker Blair back into power today. But people will. They'll forget about the fuel protests, the countryside march, the war, the lies about the war, student fees, broken manifesto promises, whatever it is that floats their boat, and we'll end up with a party that calls itself the labour party governing us again. The party that sold it's soul and became another Conservative party simply to get power. The party that wouldn't tolerate sleaze, yet we've had multiple Mandelsons, Blunkett, Morris, Tony's property dealings. They fucking suck, and yet when I wake up tomorrow, the tv news will be full of that inane twatty grin as he steps over the threshold of number 10 once more.
Still on the upside, Gloucester have once again secured the services of LUUUUUUUUDOOOOOO ! The kicking king returns !

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