Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The highways agency are retarded. For a few weeks now there have been various football finals at the Millenium in Cardiff, and every one of them has involved a team from the North. This means they get on the M50 at Tewkwesbury and get off where it finishes in Newport. It's not really an 'M' anyway, as it's a dual carriageway. So, do they remove the roadworks for the duration of these finals, even only on the days that the road will be used by convoys of coaches ? Do they bollocks. Chaos. Thinking that they would be bright enough to clear the cones we went to a family party in Cwmbran on fa cup final day and drove down the m50. Luckily remembered the back roads from schooldays once we eventually hit Monmouth. Some friends tried on Saturday. An hour and three quaters to Monmouth. With four kids and two dogs in the car. Great.
J & C had a weekend a Grandmas whilst we celebrated our first anniversary by getting vastly pissed ( we did have a civilised meal as well ) Sunday was very decadent. After getting to bed a half three we lounged around in bed until three in the afternoon. Unheard of. Then on monday, one tired Grandma and two very tired kids arrived home. J had been searching for bugs whilst exploring the garden of my sisters new house. He has a slightly flawed technique of looking under the largest stone he can find and lobbing it aside. I suspect he may be refining this technique after lobbing one on his foot resulting in all of them spending three and half hours in casualty on Sunday night waiting for his foot to be x rayed. No broken bones, but his toe looks vile. That boy is a menace to society and himself

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