Thursday, April 07, 2005

And another election starts, spiffy. Nothing like a bunch of tools making themselves look more tool - like by the hour. It's pathetic, I assume they're all reasonably intelligent individuals so why can they not grasp that their style of campaigning is an almighty turn off and will probably lead to one the lowest turnouts on record as people become disillusioned with politicians. Thats politicians, not politics, because I firmly believe that those in this country who choose not to wear Burberry and live on 'maccie d's' have a passionate interest in the way their lives are shaped, but are fast assuming an enormous disdain for those in the Palace of Westminster. The last PM's question time before campaigning was farcical, they sounded like a troop of rutting baboons. Still, I will probably break my record for spotting how many times his Toniness sounds like an insincere wanker.

Still another eleven months or so of being Grand Slam winners, oh how I bask in joyous contendedness. And we have the Welsh posh n becks, SuperGav and that little chumpy singing bint with the wobbly jubblers. Class, see

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