Thursday, April 07, 2005

A momentous day falls upon me on Saturday as I prepare to take my eldest boy to his first top class rugby match. He's been to my club on plenty of occasions but he just larks about with his mates, getting filthy, quaffing lemonade and munching crisps.
It's his first trip to Kingsholm to watch the mighty Gloucester (well, not quite so mighty this season but still good in patches).Also a first for me, first ever trip to the family stand. I wanted to make sure I had seats as he'll see bugger all if we stand up. Another first will be not getting leathered before, during and after the game. (skillfully avoiding having the kitty so I don't miss any rugby during the game, but get to continue with the drinking bit).
I hope he loves it as much as I do, enough to want to wear the Cherry and White himself, closely followed but the Red of the Land of our Fathers. Every Dad can have his fantasies !

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