Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just seen my last post after not looking for a while and realised that I am getting fairly shite at blogging. Luckily I am still Welsh, and even mightier as we have got the grand slam. It would be difficult to anyone not a Taff to describe just how important a strong rugby team is to us. I would love to have gone on Saturday, but exhausted every avenue to get a ticket. I wanted to go just for the day and watch it in a Cardiff pub, which I did when the world cup final was in Cardiff and had a belting day. A put the kybosh on this by arranging to go out to dinner that evening. So instead I ended up at an Indian fusion restaurant, which means smaller portions and waiting 45 minutes for your table outside the bogs. Right outside the bogs. We were considering scribbling some scorecards to wave as people came out, definite clean entry 5.5, 5.6.....
I am giving up on commenting about work as yet another deal fell through and all is wank. Still spring has sprung and civil servants, particularly those from the DWP and the Inland Revenue are a bunch anal backward fucks.
La di da

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