Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids insults

Why am I getting so irritated by the kids using the term 'gay' as an insult?

It seems to be applied to everything,. Gay hair, gay rugby boots, gay cars. It really pisses me off and my two get a right bollocking when they use it. Which doesn't seem to deter them.

Pillock is another current favourite of my eldest. Delightful.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing and reading about some potato faced, slapper shagging, scouse mutant who apparently is struggling to make ends meet on a few million quid a year and wants to sod off to someplace with more cash and a better class of hooker.

I was quite happily listening to an interview on 5live with Ben Fogle when they cut to some puce faced Scottish bully talking as though there had been a family death.

Sodding football and our media's constant frenzy with it is dull, dull, dull.

Now switched to Spotify and Alison Krauss with Robert Plant to accompany the drabness of the year end.


Annie (Lady M) x said...

I am not a football fan, but I am guessing that the scouser in question is Wayne Rooney... or have I just made myself look like... a pillock?!

Gumpher said...

That word is banned!

Football, dull as.

H said...

Gay: because it's homophobic and revolting. I wage a daily war in the primary school playground against that particularly adjective.

Pillock's a lovely word though!

Gumpher said...

Hello H

It really does cheese me off no end. They understand what 'gay' means, and that is what makes me angry.

I try to explain to them that you can't really use it as an insult as there is not actually anything wrong with being gay, but to do so is plain wrong

Brennig said...
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Brennig said...

Which word is banned? Rooney? It bloody well should be banned. What a twat he is; clearly off his form for the last 12 months, he's in no place to start hard-balling the likes of Mr Angry. So what does he do? He picks a fight with Fergie who, let's be honest, could chew the little runt up for breakfast. I only hope that those fools over at Madrid take him on because then he'd be off our news-cycle for at least two years. Win!

Gumpher said...

Bren, how can he go to Spain?

He struggles with English ffs!

Brennig said...

He could do a Beckham (who, let's face it, can barely string a sentence of English together); hook up with a multilingual nanny and, erm...