Monday, December 17, 2007

A long time between posts, but I've been busy, and also, not arsed.

Just how much data can the civil service lose ? We blame the government, and I truly loath this bunch of not even pseudo socialists, but it is the vastly inert, overweight civil service that is responsible for these crass ineptitudes. Government may make policy, but if the civil service that administers those policies is totally fucking useless, then at some point, we are all destined to be shafted.

The heads of these departments are making private sector salaries, because 'this is what it costs for the right people'. If operating within the private sector they would get canned for the recent calamitous errors. We simply cannot trust these imbeciles with data, and we must start to withold said data.

Really fun post, but sometimes you find yourself in a shitty place, and life generally becomes less fun.

Tomorrow will be full of slapstick and casual innuendo


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Geez, don't tell me they've lost MORE important stuff while I've been away? I got the letter in the post not long before I left that I was one of the 22 million or whatever that they've lost all my details. What joy!

Gumpher said...

I thought you'd be by a pool, not surfing the net !

Brennig said...

So... HMR&C lost, what was it... 20,000 records?

NI's DVA lost 8,000?

UK's DVLA contractor (Pearson) lost 3,000,000 records

Ummm... what else have I missed?