Friday, November 28, 2003

So an Al q suspect turns up in Gloucester ! Bloody bizarre where these fruitloops turn up. British born as well. Perhaps it's time to start asking these clowns if they consider them selves to be British first or Muslim and then fire them out of here. The guy was only 24 years old, with a normal state education. If guilt is proven, someone is responsible for some major brainwashing somewhere along the line. All forms of fundamentalism rankles me, but the whole muslim lunacy bit is starting to become tiresome, but where is the solution ? We've now seriously rattled their cage with the whole Afghan/ Iraq situation, and we seem to be fairly inept at countering thr threat they pose. One saving grace is that there probably won't be a great deal of activity on mainland Britain, as we have vast experience of counter terrorism after dealing with the Irish problem for so long, but that means that easier targets elsewhere get hit. It's a hell of a problem for the politicos, but would it have been there if we'd finished the job in the first gulf war ?

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