Friday, November 21, 2003

Going on from my last posting concerning the weather I now have the cold from hell. As I am an adult male, it is not simply a cold, but probably a near life threatening rare influenza virus. Yes, it's only a cold, and it will be gone in a day or so, but why do I have to feel so crap whilst it's here ? I'm hot, my head feels too big, and I have yellowish - green gunk pouring out of my nose and throat. I blame Bush, I didn't have it before he arrived. As everything else seems to be his fault at the moment, he might as well cop it for my lack of well being. He's off to geordieland today. I wonder if he'll get down to Tone's local working men's club, watch the turn, have a go on the bingo in the interval, and then join in the punch up outside the kebeb house at closing time. Doubt it somehow.

World cup final tomorrow. Although I'm Welsh, I hope England win. Yes, Australia probably are the greatest sporting nation on earth ( sorry if you're American, but no one else plays glorified rounders or dresses up like a swat team to play a crap version of rugby, you just don't cut it in the major sports ) but aren't we just sick of hearing about it. And, they will hate it, totally hate it, if the Poms do them in their own backyard. Although it sticks in my throat and struggles to get out, come on you Pommies ! There is my proviso that this is the only time this will happen, come the six nations I pray that we will give them a good pasting, and show them ( not that we haven't already ) how the beautiful game is played.

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