Monday, October 06, 2003

Had dinner with friends on Saturday night and drank organic red wine, lots of it. Now I normally drink lots of normal full chemical red wine and have decided to stick to it, as the organic variety made me hurl, violently. The following day I had the hangover from hell but made out I was ill so A wouldn't give me grief along the 'it's your own fault 'variety. Finally surfaced properly at around 3 ( told you it was bad) and took the kids out for a walk whilst A slept off her own hangover. 'I'm not hungover I'm tired' - yeah, and I'm ill. Autumn has definitely hit, it was bloody cold and J slept in his buggy most of the way. C & I played a finding game and came home with a good haul, leaves for him to stick, conkers, acorns, all the things that make being a kid of 3 1/2 great in the autumn. It is cold though, and it's happened in the space of a few days. To doubly piss me off G, my business partner has taken his mob on a late summer hol to the Algarve - where it's still hot - yippee, thanks for ringing me to let me know. He'll cool off when he sees the cashflow forecast. Biz is not good. We've a big promotion running this month and it's GOT to generate, because its costing to do it. Speaking to other dealers I trust ( not the' yeah mate we shifting them out by the fifty' mob) others are in the same boat and have been since roughly the start of the war. Hmmm.

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