Friday, October 03, 2003

Back onto my greatest love in life - New Labour. No weapons found, surprise, apology from Tone for lying, not likely. What these fuckers have got to get to grips with is putting your hands up and saying 'we got it wrong', not just on Iraq,but on a wide variety of issues. But they won't. The arrogance is unbelievable, they must think the electorate are a bunch of retards. Its hardly suprising that voting numbers are rapidly declining, people are starting to think that there is no point, that they're all the same, and that they will do what they want regardless. This is your legacy Tone, and its a shite state of affairs. People fought and died to preserve our democracy, and you are turning our country into a one man state where people think that their vote won't matter, and that is a fucking scandal. When were were an empire we had an emporer, when we were a kingdom we had a king, now we're a country we've got Tony Blair. Still at least we're not American, you lot put the village idiot into the White House, now that is scary.

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