Thursday, July 31, 2014


Gaza has no army, no air force, and no navy. It is under attack from Israel, the fourth largest military power on the planet.

Israel has declared that all people within a 3km strip of the border must leave their homes, effectively driving them into the sea.

David Cameron urged Israel to show restraint, and yet since that statement they have killed civilians indiscriminately, including in a school, and a packed market place. America has also admitted to supplying the Israeli's with arms deemed neccessary for urgent purposes.

The UK government has sent £10m relief aid. They'd be better off rebuilding Gaza's only power station, there is little or no electricity after the Israeli's bombed it. Another accident, no doubt.

We are shamed by the non actions of our politicians.

So far during this latest conflict, three Israeli civilians have been killed, three, and yet they are free to commit mass murder on a daily basis.

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