Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eat less and move around more

Losing weight really is that simple, I don't see what all the fuss is about.

I'm in pretty tidy shape for a chap in his mid forties. I play squash regularly, lots of walks with the fuckwit, and we eat a sensible diet. Since I packed in the smokes (nearly a year now) I've had the stereotypical weight gain, nothing drastic, but more than sat comfotably.

So, no booze at all in January, nada, not a drop. I do miss a good glass of red with dinner, and a crisp, cold cider, but it's been no biggie. Two days a week, 500 calories only. 500 calories is not a lot of food, but it's no reason to have unpalaltable food. A typical day would be;

Breakfast, one slice of wholemeam toast and a vitamin drink.

Grazing throughout the day, carrots and fruit.

Lunch, vegetable soup.

Dinner, spicy cabbage broth with either boiled chicken or fishballs.

Homemade steamed fishballs are lush, and the name provides the hooligans with minutes of endless hilarity.

" Hey Josh!"


"Guess what, the old boy is eating balls again!"

"Mwhaaaah ha ha ha aha ha !"

I've also upped squash to three sessions a week.

I've lost just over half a stone in three weeks. It's a piece of piss, and I'm verging on what the yoot refer to as 'buff', well, that bit might be a bit made up.

I'll be firmly back on the booze at the weekend, it's the start of the six nations ( I am Welsh, hear me roar, oops, what, another Grand Slam, etc, etc) and I have a freebie in a box at Castle Grim. I may be a tad squiify come the end of the day.

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