Thursday, February 23, 2012

The driver of the Saab 93 soft top

Registration number V057 SMX

Yes, you.

My goodness, you must be very important, because there was somewhere you really had to be as you drove through the village I live in at 8.50 this morning.

In fact, it was so important that you had to overtake me on a quiet residential road, and then overtake someone else, a bit further up, where the road narrows, forcing the other car to the left.

You were still in a very important hurry as you left the village, but as you couldn't get past the van in front of you as the roads are so narrow,so you chose to sit about three feet from the back of it's bumper instead, just to let them know how important you are, and how much of a hurry you were in.

This slowed you up, and allowed me to get this picture, and to get your number plate, and to report you to the police for dangerous and aggressive driving. It's not something I've done before, but my 9 year old son was walking to school along that road this morning, along with other children.

I'm guessing you're not that important, in fact I'd be closer to the money if I said you were a cunt of monumental proportions.

I don't know if plod will follow up my complaint. They took all the details and I hope they do. If they want a statement, they'll get one. 

Try getting up earlier.



Brennig said...

Good for you! My favourite 'name and shame' website is yplac. Maybe there's space in the market for a general 'bad driving' website?

Gumpher said...

There's a couple, myroadrage seemed fairly well used!