Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Political nobbers

The set is complete, chock full of total dweebs.

Never before has a Blackadder quote been more appropriate.

'I say, Blackadder, are you sure this is the PM? Seems more like an oily tick to me. When I was at school, we used to line up four or five of his sort, make 'em bend over, and use 'em as a toast rack'

Oily little ticks indeed.

All in their early forties and and all have done virtually fuck all other than be politicians. Apart from Ed of course, silly me, he was 'briefly' a television journalist. Ed and Dave have PPE degrees, normally the realm of those who go to Oxbridge with the sole intention of getting a Blue, rather than furthering their education. Nick has a degree in Social Anthropology whatever that is, and yet they all claim to be in touch with us.

Ed looks like an extra from 'Inbetweeners', Nick appears to be scurrying around Westminster like a newly appointed school prefect, dishing out lines to all and sundry as he relishes in his newly found power. I'm not really sure what the new head boy Dave does, I'm not sure he knows either.

Never before have we had such a collective bunch of dorks in Westminster. Can't wait to see Ed get his buns toasted by those naughty rough boys from the Unions. 'Oi Milliband, give us your lunch money, you know you said you would'


Brennig said...

Both of the Millipedes have a talent for looking gormless. With the Milliband/Jowell spat one of them has revealed himself to be totally childish. Neither has backbone. I despair, I really despair.

Gumpher said...

Despair doesn't come close

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Actually, after reading the history of the Millipedes (thanks Bren!), they both appear to be clones of each other; same school, same Oxford college, same nebulous degree. Then they both leave university to become labour politicians.

The news about them today made me laugh... Ed made his inaugral speach and condemned the Iraq war as 'illegal'. Then, out of nowhere, David Millipede turned to an applauding Harriet Harman and said "what are you clapping for? You voted for the war."

You know what? That made me like David.

Politics aside, I would love to be a fly on the wall at their family Christmas lunch!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

P.S. My favourite description of David Cameron is 'a buttock with eyes'

Gumpher said...

Annie, Dai Mill made me laugh with that too, but he's still a bit of a cock.