Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Yay! Talktalk, finally sorted

After six months of phone calls, the email sent below finally solicited a response which resolved the situation.

But they told me off for swearing.

An incident was created in RightNow:

Subject: Billing

Contact Data:

First name: Gumpher

Last name

Email: @hotmail.co.uk

Mobile Phone:

Home Phone:

Office Phone:

Incident Data:


Customer: Gumpher at 2010-08-01 22:58:26

I cannot access my account, as despite phoning you every month for the past

six months, you have consistently been unable to recognise that my email

address is @hotmail.co.uk, not 1@hotmail.co.uk.

Each time I have phoned, the person on the end of the call has assured me

that the problem has been rectified, yet each time it has not.

I cannot access my bills. Until I see a bank statement, I do not know how

much you are charging me.

This situation has now gone beyond annoying, and descended into customer

service of such shite proportions that it is simply farcical.

Are you capable of getting this right? What do I have to do to make you

get it right? Why did some fool at your end change my email address? It's

been the same for years. @hotmail.co.uk, NOT fucking


I await your reply, but suspect that there are chimps in zoos who could

help me more.

Go on, give it a whirl, otherwise I'm going to BT,and you can stick your

contract up your arse, as a contract is a two way thing.

Incident ID: 5824267

Incident reference: 100801-001615

Incident Subject: Billing


Brennig said...

I'm having a battle with BT; I feel your pain!

Gumpher said...


I don't think you could put a fag paper between them, their customer service is all woeful.