Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The wisdom of HMR & C

Today I received a letter from HMR &C stating that my corporation tax return for, wait for it 2006, yes 2006, had been filed late and that there was a penalty 0f £204.26 to pay.

I was fairly sure that this was bollocks, as I am anal regarding my tax affairs, so I rang them to chew the fat.

Despite my protests, they insisted it was payable and guess how long they gave me to pay before taking legal action?

Twenty four hours.

After waiting four years to notify me, they want to be paid within twenty four hours of receiving notification. I can't even clarify it with my accountant in that timeframe.

There is no point in even attempting to convince the droid at the other end of the phone line that in the real world (the one outside of the civil fucking service) this would not be considered in any way reasonable.

Cocksucking fuckwombles the lot of them.


Brennig said...

They are dicks of the highest order. I am in the middle of a war with HMR&C and may well just jack it all in and go and live on a boat.

Gumpher said...

Bren, it's not the money, it's the cuntishness.
I haven't got the documentation to hand, and I only opened the letter and scanned and emailed to my accountants this afternoon.
How the hell can I prove I'm right in 24 hours?
Fucking Nazi's.
And I've paid the sodding bills, in fact this year my corp was nigh on 30k and they had it two months early.