Friday, April 16, 2010

Sodding dog

My wife is out with the boys as it's the last day of the school jollydays, so the mutt below is in the office with me.

I'm having a mellow day, struggling through the boredom of doing some accounting with a bit of Mozart on in the background ( I can be civilised, it's not all rugby and beer).

I popped out for a crafty fag, and came back to three piles of dog sick - on my light grey carpets.

One swift trip to Tesco for some cleaning products and ten minutes of halting the gag reflex and my work is done.

Fluffy shit for brains is curled up fast asleep on her bed, oblivious to my suffering.


nuttycow said...

Is it wrong that I have all sympathy for your lovely dog and little for you? Poor poppet must have been feeling ill :(

Gumpher said...

Nutters, it is very wrong indeed to get your sympathies firmly the wrong way around.

After the clear up, getting back to the accounts was almost enjoyable.

Vi said...

nearly as bad as kid puke I'm sure! At least you could go out for cleaning products...when Pickle chucked everywhere in Florida, all I had was the hotel towels to mop it up with and lived with the stench in the room for the rest of the stay.

Brennig said...

If you had a second dog it would eat the sick of the first dog and lick up the residue very carefully too. I suggest you consider this course of action.

Gumpher said...

Vi, I feel your pain, my car still smells of ten year old boy's spew.

Bren, as long as my arse points downwards, we will not be getting another mutt