Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh the joy of interupted sleep. The whining of an attention seeking three year old at 2 in the morning, and the stubborness of said offspring in not giving in for two hours whilst we lie there refusing to give in because it took two and half years to get the little sod to go to sleep and we're not going back to musical beds. This happens a lot and it's starting to get wearing. Luckily c generally sleeps through it, but we are both buggered and crabby. I'm considering putting vodka in his milk.
I love the little git dearly but I could throttle him at times. Oh, and how's he in the morning ? Bouncing around like a badly trained labrador. Swine.


rockmother said...


I remember it well.

Keep strong, Gumph and Mrs Gumph, It eventually leads to grandparenting, which is OK!

Gumpher said...

Love Grandparents, both mother's are saints