Thursday, November 10, 2005

Weird to write this as the site meter thingy I signed up to shows that absolutley no fucker whatsoever reads this crap. So, indeed. I don't write that much. Probably because I now spend a huge amount of time with my wife and our boys. Because, now I am a bit rich. The company and the premises were sold some two months ago, and aside from A and I going to Marrakech for a week whilst Mum looked after the boys, I have done very little,and its spiffy. I have a new company set up, and have done the odd bit, but otherwise it's the school run, which I love, chatting with C to and from school, a ten minute walk. I've even been roster dad at palygroup with J. otherwise, organising the house refurb, and shopping and lunching with A, with a bit of daytime whoopsie - Bliss. When the dosh dwindles I'll work again, until then, the world can suck my plums. I'm even going to buy some new golf clubs, wahay


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Anonymous said...

You do have at least 1 reader, very entertaining! Let me know when you and Mike want to christen the clubs, Id love a round.

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