Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Got out of the habit lately, and it would appear that what I was worried about in the last post is true. Who do I blame for the poor chap's death ? The terrorists who blew themselves up and started the whole process. I do feel for this guys family, but the police would not have been in the position they were if it wasn't for these religious loons

Experienced the NHS recently, or rather A did. She'd had problems with tonsil infections for a number of years, and they decided to whip 'em out. I've been lucky with health. Apart from rugby related broken bones, and some interesting ahem, social diseases, I've never had too many problems. Both of the boys births in Cheltenham were great, and the few boy related visits to casualty in Tewkesbury were fine. A was booked into Gloucester Royal. What a shithole. Dirty, with paint peeling off the walls, smelly and just plain vile. She was discharged the following day with instuctions to return if she had any bleeding. She had some bleeding a few days later in the morning just before I went to work, rang, and was told to come in straight away. I rang G to say I'd be in later, we found a friend who could have the kids for a bit and set off for Gloucester. How long before A got seen ? Six and a half hours. Yep, six and a half hours two days after surgery. Make mental note to speak to his toniness about hospital waiting times.

On the loath list,football, for starting again, although wonderfully overshadowed by The Ashes. Theforeign office ministers, I wouldn't let them run a milk round, let alone a government department. Charles Clarke is a pie eater if I ever saw one.

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