Friday, July 08, 2005

London. Bloody hell. Like most I was elated with the news of the Olympics, and found listening to the hold process on 5 live nervewracking. A and I spoke of which events we would like to take the boys to, athletics, gynastics and diving. And then the following day. Cowardly scum. I once again listened to 5 live, but this time in horror, not eleation. You can only admire the calm and resolve of all of the people involved and the way the emergency plans worked. I hope they catch these fuckers. I am not anti Islam, I am anti religious fundamentalism of any kind, I think they're all fucking nuts. Anyone who kills in the name of their god is a freak who needs a reality check, but they're all too far gone for that. And if the bus bomb turns out to be a suicide nutjob, then we're in serious trouble. If they're not afraid to die themselves to kill, how can this be stopped in the future ? Very sad, but very fucking angry too

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Annette said...

I agree with you about these people who commit suicide,"for their god."
what "god" would let them? I am not religious myself,in fact I have blogged about that,but surely any god should be kind and loving,and not "allow" other people to get hurt or even kiled for them.