Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A weekend to savour. Mum had the boys and A & I set off for a bit of R & R, courtesy of Mums wedding present. A small country hose hotel with superb views of the Welsh countryside. I think we forget just how beautiful parts of this country are. After mooching around the bookshops of Hay on Wye we took a single track road which leads you up the Black Mountains and down the valley on the other side to Abergavenny. The views were simply stunning, and very few people about. This may sound poncy, but I felt very much at peace with myself, which is rare.
C & M are back from their year of travelling NZ and Canada, and we are all looking forward to seeing them, particularly C, who has missed his Auntie C. They have kept in touch wonderfully, sending the boys postcards from almost everywhere thet went. C keeps them in his desk with his 'precious' things, which is an oddball collection of things that are important to a four year old

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