Thursday, September 30, 2004

Once again a post starts with 'not done this for a while'. What's new ? Had another holiday, a quiet family job with A and the kids to a small farmhouse up in the hills in the Algarve. Had to go during the school hols as C started primary school in September. My god they spank you on the prices during the hols, bunch of no good money grabbing bastards. Still, a cracking break with plenty of sea sunshine and good food. C has slotted into school with no problems, finds it a bit tiring by the end of the week, he's a good feller. J still an angelic devil if that makes sense. Home is bedlam at the moment. All of us getting used to the new routine and two new kittens charging around the house. George passed away just after we got home from Portugal. All very sad, we'd had him for fifteen years, and he had a life full of love. Its something you have to deal with if you choose to have pets. C was devastated so we decided the best move would be to get another cat straight away to focus his mind, which has worked. I still expect to see George on the front step as I get home from work, he was a good companion . I buried him under the rosemary bush.

Still in the process of shifting the company, I will go mad if we lose another deal, I need my sabbatical !

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